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PO Box 2965
Sag Harbor, NY 11963
United States


Mogolo is a fresh, new consumer brand delivering products that enable playful and safe interactions with technology. Our products are thoughtfully designed and thoroughly tested so you can be confident you or your child have a great experience every time and with out ever having to say, "No, don't do that!"  : )

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Kid Lid focuses on designed products that make technology safe for both the child and the device. 

Kid Lid: Problem / Solution

Children often use their parents portable devices (laptops, smart phones & tablets) to view content, interact and even learn. These devices are expensive and fragile. And the more these devices become the parent’s hub for communication (especially for work), the more important they are to protect. In 2013, $2.8 billion was spent in the US on the replacement and repair of laptops, smart phone and tablets from damage caused by children. Without this protection, the device and data are at risk.

Kid Lid  protects your keyboard (and now iPhone) when young children use your device by providing a protective outer surface that prevents damage and keeps applications from being interrupted by accidental keyboard pounding. Kid Lid  allows your little ones to enjoy content on your computer without the constant need for your attention. Our products are BPA Free and phthalate free and universally sized to fit all 13" & 15" laptops both Mac or PC. 

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