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Best Concealed Carry Purse for Women: Our Top Picks!

With all the politics and news going on, it can be hard to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the world of concealed carry. That’s where a Concealed Carry Purse comes in. A Concealed Carry Purse can help you keep your safety and security top priority while you’re on the go.

Whether you’re carrying for work or school, a Concealed Carry Purse is essential for anyone looking to protect themselves. Here are our top picks for the best concealed carry purses for women!

What are the Benefits of Concealed Carry for Women

  • Concealed carry for women is a safe and effective way to protect yourself while traveling.
  • Concealed carry for women offers a number of advantages over carrying one’s firearms openly, including:
  • A smaller profile when travelling;
  • Increased safety when traveling with firearms; and
  • An increased sense of security knowing that you are carrying your firearms in a manner that makes you the most difficult target to hit.

What Types of Concealed Carry Purse Are There

There are many different types of concealed carry purses available, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Some people choose to carry a concealed handgun in a holster while others choose not to. Regardless of your choice, it’s important to be aware of the different types of concealment purses available and find one that meets your specific needs.

The following is a list of the most popular Concealed Carry Purse Types for Women:

1) One-Piece Holster: This type of holster is typically worn on the front side of the waistband, allowing you to discreetly carry your handgun without having it visible. It comes in both calfskin and neoprene materials and is designed to fit any size woman.

2) Clip-On Holster: This type of holster attaches directly to your clothing with a clip and uses Velcro straps to hold onto your clothing. It’s perfect for women who want an easy way to carry their handgun without having it visible.

3) Thigh Holster: This type of holster hangs from below the waistband, giving you more control over how your firearm appears onscreen when you’re wearing pants or other clothing. It can also be used if you have trouble reaching your firearm while wearing skirts or dresses.

4) Knee Holster: This type of holster is designed specifically for women who wear kneepads or high heels while carrying their handgun. The holster attaches directly at the knee, making it easy and comfortable for women to use even when walking around town.

5) Belt Holster: This type of holster features two retention straps that attach directly to your belt and help keep your firearm secure during transport or storage (or even when not being used). It can also be used as a hip holster if you’re feeling Plus-size!).

How to Choose the Right Concealed Carry Purse for You

There are many different concealed carry purses on the market today. To find the perfect one for you, it’s important to understand your needs and preferences.

In general, there are three types of concealed carry purses: shoulder bags, totes, and backpacks.

Shoulder bags are the most common type of conceal carry purse. These carry purses typically have a strap that connects the bag to your shoulder, making them easy to carrying around. They can be used for both casual and formal events.

Totes are more specialized than shoulder bags and typically have straps that hang down from the sides of the bag. This allows you to wear them over your shoulder like a backpack. Totes can be used for a variety of purposes, such as carrying groceries or other items while on vacation, or as a standalone purse when away from home.

Backpacks are perfect for carrying more serious items like laptops and documents while on vacation or while travelling in general. Backpacks typically have straps that connect them to the outside of the bag, making it easier to grab whatever you need without having to fumble through a full-sized purse.

Backpacks also often come with built-in storage compartments which is great for holding extra medications, snacks, or other supplies while on vacation or travel.

Our Top Picks for the Best Concealed Carry Purse for Women

Our Top Picks for the Best Concealed Carry Purse for Women are designed to make your life easier when carrying around your firearms. We have picks for both women who just want a simple and customizable carry purse, and women who want something that can handle more firepower.

Our top pick is the PFAS-free carrying bag from Gun Bag USA, which is perfect for both women and men. It has a comfortable shoulder strap, multiple compartments, a padded back panel, and an adjustable carry weight.

The next best concealed carry purse is the NW Tactical Backpack from Black Diamond Gear, which is great for both women and men who need a bag that can handle a lot of firepower. It has a padded back panel, multiple compartments, an expandable rain cover, and an NVG compatibility so you can easily transport your rifle while on the go.

The only downside is that it’s not as durable as our top pick but it’s still worth checking out if you’re looking for an efficient concealed carry bag.

If you’re looking for something even better but don’t want to break the bank, we recommend checking out the Mossberg 595TAC Briefcase from Big Green Bag. This bag comes with all the features of our top pick but it also includes several pockets inside and outside so you can easily store whatever you need while on the go. Plus, it comes in black or green so you can match any outfit!

What Types of Concealed Carry Purse Are There

There are a number of different concealed carry purses available to women, but our top picks for the best Concealed Carry Purse for Women are those that include a padded back panel and a magnetic closure. These models help keep your firearm safe and secure while on the go, and they provide additional convenience for carrying around your weapon.


There are many benefits to concealed carry for women. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gun owner, finding the right concealed carry purse can be difficult. This article will help you choose the right carry purse for you, based on your needs and preferences. We’ve compiled a list of the best Concealed Carry Purse for Women, so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly.

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