Best Deal On Dell Chrome Book

If you’re in the market for a new laptop, it’s hard to deny the appeal of a Chromebook. These budget-friendly computers are perfect for students, casual web browsing, and anyone who wants an affordable device that can handle basic computing tasks.

Dell makes some excellent Chromebooks, but with so many options available, how do you know which one is the best deal?

Luckily, we’ve done the research for you. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of Dell’s most popular Chromebooks and break down their features and prices to help you find the best deal on your next purchase.

Whether you need something small and portable or want a larger screen for streaming videos, there’s sure to be a Dell Chromebook that fits your needs and budget.

So let’s dive in and see what Dell has to offer!

Benefits Of Choosing A Dell Chromebook

Looking for a reliable, affordable and user-friendly laptop? A Dell Chromebook may be just what you need. Here are some of the benefits that come with choosing this type of device.

Firstly, Dell Chromebooks offer great value for money. They are considerably cheaper than most laptops on the market, making them an attractive option for those who don’t want to break the bank. Despite their affordability, these devices are still built with quality materials and can handle basic computing tasks such as browsing the web or using Google Docs with ease. In addition, they have long battery life which means you won’t have to worry about running out of power during important work or leisure time.

Secondly, another advantage of Dell Chromebooks is their easy-to-use interface. The operating system is designed to be simple and intuitive so users can spend more time working or playing rather than figuring out how to use their device.

With many apps available in the Google Play Store, there’s no shortage of productivity tools or entertainment options at your fingertips. Plus, since everything is stored in the cloud, you won’t have to worry about losing files if your computer crashes or gets lost/stolen.

With all these benefits in mind, it’s clear why a Dell Chromebook could be a smart choice for anyone looking for an affordable yet efficient laptop solution. But before making any purchase decisions, it’s important to understand your computing needs first – read on to learn more!

Understanding Your Computing Needs

Are you tired of slow processing speeds and constant crashes? Do you feel like your current computer is holding you back from being productive? Fear not, because understanding your computing needs can help alleviate these frustrations. With the right device, you can work efficiently without any interruptions.

When it comes to choosing a new computer, it’s important to assess what tasks you will be using it for. Are you someone who primarily uses their computer for browsing the web and checking emails? Or are you in need of a machine that can handle heavy-duty applications such as video editing or graphic design? Understanding your specific demands will guide you towards finding the perfect fit.

And if you’re on the hunt for an affordable yet reliable option, look no further than the Dell Chromebook 11.

Dell Chromebook 11

The Dell Chromebook 11 is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a budget-friendly laptop that can handle basic computing needs. With its sturdy construction and long battery life, this device is perfect for students or professionals on the go.

Here are some key features of the Dell Chromebook 11:

– Lightweight design makes it easy to carry around

– 180-degree hinge allows for flexible viewing angles

– Comes with Google’s suite of apps pre-installed

– Automatic updates keep your device secure and up-to-date

– Affordable price point

Overall, if you’re in need of a reliable and affordable laptop that can handle daily tasks such as web browsing, email, and document editing, the Dell Chromebook 11 may be just what you’re looking for.

However, if you require more advanced capabilities or processing power, consider taking a look at the Dell Chromebook 3100.

Dell Chromebook 3100

I’m curious about the features of the Dell Chromebook 3100 – what does it have that makes it so attractive?

How does the performance of this Chromebook stand up against other models?

And how durable is it?


Looking for the best deal on a Dell Chromebook 3100?

This model boasts impressive features that make it stand out from other laptops in its price range.

With an Intel Celeron processor and 4GB of RAM, you can expect speedy performance when browsing the web or working on documents.

The durable design includes rubberized edges and spill-resistant keyboard, making it perfect for use in classrooms or busy work environments.

Plus, with up to 14 hours of battery life, you won’t have to worry about running out of juice during long days.


Now let’s discuss the performance of the Dell Chromebook 3100.

As mentioned earlier, it comes with an Intel Celeron processor and 4GB of RAM which provides fast and efficient browsing as well as multitasking capabilities.

You can easily open multiple tabs without any lag or delay in response time.

Additionally, its solid-state drive (SSD) ensures that boot-up times are speedy too.

Overall, the Dell Chromebook 3100 is a reliable choice when it comes to performance for both work and leisure activities.


Now, let’s shift our focus to the durability of the Dell Chromebook 3100.

This device is built with rugged materials and has been tested for compliance with military-grade standards, which means it can withstand harsh conditions such as drops, spills, and extreme temperatures.

The keyboard is spill-resistant and can handle up to 12 ounces of liquid while the rubberized edges protect against accidental damage from bumps or knocks.

Moreover, its battery life can last up to 14 hours on a single charge making it perfect for long work days without needing any additional charging.

All in all, the Dell Chromebook 3100 is a solid choice when it comes to both performance and durability.

Dell Chromebook 5190

Moving on to the Dell Chromebook 5190, this model offers a bit more power and versatility than its predecessor. It comes with an Intel Celeron N3350 processor, 4GB of RAM, and a 32GB eMMC storage drive. The 11.6-inch display has a resolution of 1366×768 pixels and is touch-enabled for easy navigation. This laptop also features two USB-C ports, two USB-A ports, and an HDMI port for connecting to external displays.

For those looking for the best deal on a Dell Chromebook, comparing prices across different models and retailers can help save money. Below is a table comparing the prices and specs of the Dell Chromebook 3100 and the Dell Chromebook 5190 at various online retailers:

| Model | Retailer | Price | Processor | RAM | Storage |
| Dell Chromebook 3100 | Amazon | $249.99 | Intel Celeron N4020 | 4GB DDR4 | 16GB eMMC |
| | Best Buy | $329 | Intel Celeron N4000 | 4GB | 32GB |
| | Walmart | $279 | Intel Celeron N3060 | 4GB | 16GB SSD |

| Model | Retailer | Price | Processor | RAM | Storage |
| Dell Chromebook 5190 | Amazon |$314.90 InteLlCerelonN345OUm

| 4GB DDR4 | 32 GB eMMC |
| | Best Buy |$369.00 Intel Celeron N3350

| 4GB | 32 GB |
| | |$343.99 Intel Celeron N345OUm

| 4GB DDR4 | 32 GB eMMC |

As you can see, prices and specs vary across different retailers and models of Dell Chromebooks. It’s important to do your research and compare prices before making a purchase to ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible.

Looking ahead, our next section will focus on the Dell Chromebook 7310 and its features for those in need of even more power and performance.

Dell Chromebook 7310

The Dell Chromebook 7310 is a great option for those looking for a reliable and affordable device. It boasts an Intel Core i3-5005U processor, which makes it powerful enough to handle multiple tasks at once. The 13.3-inch display is sharp and clear, with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels that make videos and images come to life.

Here are some key features of the Dell Chromebook 7310:

– Long battery life: With up to 10 hours of battery life, this device can last you through your workday.

– Lightweight design: Weighing just over three pounds, it’s easy to carry around wherever you go.

– Plenty of storage space: With 4GB RAM and 16GB eMMC storage, there’s plenty of room for all your files and applications.

If you’re in the market for a new laptop, comparing prices and features is essential. Luckily, there are many options available online or in-store where you can compare different devices side-by-side. Whether you’re looking for something budget-friendly or high-end, taking the time to research before making a purchase will ensure that you get the best deal possible.

Comparing Prices And Features

Well, well, well. You’re still searching for the best deal on a Dell Chromebook, huh? It seems like you’re quite determined to get your hands on one of these shiny laptops without breaking the bank. I can’t blame you! Who doesn’t love a good bargain?

Let’s face it; finding the perfect Chromebook at an affordable price isn’t always easy. That’s why we’ve done our research and put together a comprehensive table comparing prices and features of some of the top models out there. Take a look below:

| Model | Price | Screen Size |
| — | — | — |
| Dell Chromebook 7310 | $399 | 13.3 inches |
| Acer Chromebook Spin 311| $269 | 11.6 inches |
| HP Chromebook x360-14c-ca0004na | $499 | 14 inches |

As you can see, while the Dell Chromebook might seem like a great choice because of its larger screen size, it also comes with a higher price tag than other options available in the market. On the other hand, if portability is what you crave, then perhaps going for something like Acer’s smaller-sized model might be more up your alley.

Now that you have all this information at your disposal, making a smart purchase decision should be easier than ever before! Remember to weigh both cost and functionality when choosing which product to buy – after all, nobody wants to end up regretting their investment later down the line.

Making A Smart Purchase Decision

When looking for the best deal on a Dell Chromebook, it’s important to take into consideration more than just the price tag. Making a smart purchase decision means evaluating various factors that may affect your overall satisfaction with the product.

Firstly, consider your personal needs and usage habits. Do you need a larger screen or longer battery life? Will you be using the device primarily for work or entertainment? These questions can help guide you towards choosing a model that suits your specific requirements.

Secondly, read reviews from other users who have purchased and used the same model of Dell Chromebook. This will give you valuable insight into any potential issues or drawbacks that may not be immediately apparent in product descriptions.

To ensure you’re getting the best possible deal, compare prices across multiple retailers. Look for promotions or discounts that may be available at certain times of year. Additionally, consider purchasing refurbished models for even greater savings while still ensuring quality performance.

By taking these steps before making your purchase, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and feel confident in your investment. Remember: finding the best deal doesn’t always mean opting for the cheapest option, but rather selecting a product that meets all of your individual needs and is backed by positive user feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Install Windows Or Other Operating Systems On A Dell Chromebook?

Can you install Windows or other operating systems on a Dell Chromebook? That’s the question that many users have been asking.

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Chromebooks are designed to run Chrome OS and do not support any other operating system natively.

However, there are workarounds like using third-party software such as Crouton or running a virtual machine to emulate another OS. But even with these options, compatibility issues may arise, making it challenging for some applications to function correctly.

So if you’re looking for a device that can run different operating systems seamlessly, a Dell Chromebook might not be your best bet.

How Long Does The Battery Last On A Dell Chromebook?

How long the battery lasts on a Dell Chromebook is an important factor to consider when deciding if this device will meet your needs. The good news is that, in general, Chromebooks are known for their impressive battery life compared to traditional laptops.

Most Dell Chromebooks have a battery life of around 8-10 hours, which should be enough to get you through a full work or school day without needing to recharge. Of course, actual battery life may vary depending on usage and other factors like screen brightness and running multiple applications at once.

Does The Dell Chromebook Come With A Touch Screen?

Yes, the Dell Chromebook does come with a touch screen.

This feature is especially useful for those who prefer touchscreen navigation or need to use touch-based applications.

The touch screen on the Dell Chromebook allows users to easily swipe between apps and interact with their device in a more intuitive way.

So if you’re searching for a laptop that offers both functionality and convenience, then the Dell Chromebook’s built-in touch screen might just be what you’re looking for!

Can I Use Microsoft Office On A Dell Chromebook?

Yes, you can use Microsoft Office on a Dell Chromebook.

While Chromebooks typically run on Google’s web-based office suite, which includes Docs, Sheets, and Slides, they also have access to the Google Play Store where you can download and install the full version of Microsoft Office for Android apps.

This means that you’ll be able to work with Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and more on your Dell Chromebook just like you would on any other device running Windows or macOS.

It’s important to note that some features may not be available in the Android app versions of Microsoft Office compared to their desktop counterparts.

Is It Possible To Upgrade The Ram Or Storage On A Dell Chromebook?

Like a car with limited trunk space, some may wonder if they can upgrade the RAM or storage on their Dell Chromebook.

Well, the answer is not as simple as popping open the hood and tinkering around. In fact, many models have soldered-in components that cannot be removed or upgraded.

However, there are still some options for those looking to give their device a boost in performance. Some models allow for external hard drives or memory cards to be used, while others may offer the ability to replace certain parts like the solid-state drive (SSD).

It’s important to research your specific model before attempting any upgrades, but don’t let limitations hold you back from getting the most out of your trusty companion.


So, we’ve discussed the important aspects of a Dell Chromebook that you should consider when planning to buy one.

Now, let me tell you about the best deal on this amazing device!

Well, I must say that there are several options available in the market today for a Dell Chromebook. However, after thorough research and analysis, we have found that purchasing directly from the Dell website is your best bet.

With their ongoing discounts and promotions, you can grab a Dell Chromebook at an unbeatable price!

So why wait? Head over to the Dell website now and get yourself a top-notch laptop at an affordable cost!

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