What colors choices are there? 

The Protect board comes in white. The Fold Up in Watermelon (Pinkish red) and Shoreline (black). 

What sizes does KidLid come in? 

Kid Lid is universal and is compatible with both Mac's and PC's. 

  • Fits Regular 13.3" monitors and below (10" x 15" x 3mm) 
  • Fits Large 15.6" monitors and below (11.1" x 16.4" x 3mm) 

Does the KidLid have any sharp edges that can cut my child while it's on the keyboard?

Nope. Smooth all around. 

Is there anything similar to KidLid on the market?

No. The Kid Lid product is the first of it's kind.

What material is the KidLid made from?

BPA-Free polycarbonate plastic + a removable elastic strap.

How durable is the KidLid?

Kid Lids are extremely durable. The Kid Lid is made from BPA-Free polycarbonate plastic. Kid Lid products can withstand even the toughest tot.

Are you making any other products?

Yes, we're currently working on expanding our line of products. We want to make the interaction between child and technology a positive one where you never have to use the word, "no."