How To Teach Kids To Tie Shoes

Today, we’re going to tie a shoe. This isn’t some arcane art or something you’ve only heard about in history class. In fact, tying a shoe is one of the simplest and most basic tasks you can perform.

And it’s an essential step in everyday life. You tie your shoes without even thinking about it, and that’s because everything else in your life revolves around your shoes. So why not do the same for your podcast?

How to Tie a Shoe

In order to tie a shoe, you will need some supplies including a shoelace and a knotting tool. The most common type of knot is the French Knot, which is used to tie shoes together.

Step 1. Cut the lace in half so that each end has two loops.

Step 2. Take one loop from the front of the lace, and take the other loop from the back of the lace, and tie it around the top of both loops in an opposite-handed knot. This knot should be tight enough to hold but not so tight that it pulls out of the hole in the shoe.

Step 3. Repeat step 2, but do not tie each loop together yet. Instead, put one loop on top of another loop (the “appendage”), and make sure that they are facing away from each other (this is called “tying them together”).

You can now proceed to tie each loop in turn by making an identical French Knot as before: taking one loop from one side and putting it over the other loop on top (left hand side), then doing the same with right hand side; this makes a “triangle” shape.

Step 4. Put your shoes on (if they are not already on), and make sure they are evenly spaced around your foot so that they are properly laced up (see picture 1). Now take off your socks, leaving just your feet exposed (see picture 2).

Step 5. Hold onto one end of each triangle-shaped loop, and tuck it behind your heel so that it forms a triangle shape with your shoes (picture 3). Make sure everything is still facing away from you!

Step 6. Put your left foot first and tuck it towards your shinbone so that its edge touches your shoe’s surface; meanwhile, put your right foot next to your left Foot’s edge and tuck it towards its shinbone so that its edge touches the shoe’s surface . You should now have a tied-together pair of shoes!

Step 7. To remove them, simply tug on one or both ends of each triangle-shape knot until they come undone – be careful not to yank too hard!

How to Tie a Shoe in Different Colors

First, tie the laces in a knot on the front of the shoe. Then tie a blue knot on top of that. Make sure that both knots are tight together and measure how far apart they are from each other.

Next, tie a green knot on top of the blue knot. This will create a triangle shape.

Finally, tie a brown knot in the middle of the triangle. This will create a more rounded shape.

If you have different colors at home, you can also tie them together to create unique looks. For example, if you have green and brown shoes, you could combine them to make a green-brown Triangle Shoe .

How to Tie a Shoe in Different Styles

To tie a shoe in a knot, tie the laces together at the top of the shoe and then tuck them underneath the shoe. Do this same process around each lace, making sure that all laces are twisted together tightly before putting them back together.

How to Tie a Shoe in a Loop

To tie a shoelace in a loop, tie one end of the loop to an adjacent lace and pull tight; do the same with the other end. This will create an additional loop.

How to Tie a Shoe in a Sock

To tie a shoelace in a sock, take two loops and make an X with them, then thread one loop through both loops made by taking the Xs and pulling tight (you’ll have now created four loops).


When it comes to tying a shoe, there are many different ways to do it. It’s important to understand the different styles and how to tie them in order to get the perfect shoe. By following these simple steps, you can have the perfect shoes every time.

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